Vegan Nail Polish Removers+Travel Sizes

With my two lists of cruelty-free and vegan nail polishes. I had to give a list of vegan polish removers. But I also wanted to give you travel size options as well. I’ve noticed quite a bit of people travel for whichever reason and while on your travels, you might want to give your nails a little treatment and a new color. Nail polish removers are mostly made of alcohol so they are essentially already vegan. But you want to make sure they have not been tested on animals. Which would make it cruelty-free!

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Kester Black


Kester Black is more on the expensive side. Their nail polishes are around $20 and their removers are $20 also. Their remover wipes are $14. But they do believe in giving back so they donate $1 from every purchase to a deserving cause. If you have the money and want to splurge on nail care though, go for Kester Black.






Lauren B. Beauty


You can find their bottles and travel size wipes on their site. Their 6oz is for $18 and their 16oz is for $34. The travel size wipes are $15. You can also find their wipes on Amazon. You get 30 pads of wipes. What I love about their pads is they are infused with Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Moisturizing Strawberry oil. Mhmm strawberry scent!








They don’t have travel sizes or wipes but their bottles are $12 where you can find them on their site and also on Amazon. Not only are they vegan and cruelty-free but their removers are also acetone free and gluten free.







Gabriel Cosmetics


Gabriel is a bit more affordable in their nail care. Their bottles are $11 and their travel size wipes are $6.50 on their site. On Amazon, their prices are different. Of course, they are acetone free.









One of my absolute favorites! Not only do they have the best nail polish colors but they also have the best nail polish removers. Their polish removers have the ingredients Vitamin A, C & E, as well as Lavender Essential Oil, all of which promote healthy and moisturized nails. Their removers are in fact soy based and are acetone free. I just love how cute their bottles are! Their 4oz bottles are $11.50 and the 16oz is $29.50. You can also find these on Amazon.

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Zoya really wants to make sure you get the size you want! They have 2oz, 8oz, and 32oz ranging from $4.60-$25. The 32oz is more to use for refilling your smaller bottles which is quite a smart idea. The 2oz would make a great travel size in my opinion. They do have these on Amazon.







Sienna Byron Bay


Another one of my favorites with their super cute packaging and nail colors. Their removers are water based with soy. Bottles are $30 and their wipes are $18 with 40x wipes. They also have no nasty smell.








Mineral Fusion


Mineral Fusion is definitely on the affordable side. Bottles are $8.99 and their travel size wipes are $4.99. Their bottles can be found on Amazon as well. Their wipes only come with 3 wipes per carton which is a bummer but if you are traveling and know you may only need to change the color of your nails once or twice, this pack would be perfect.







Piggy Paint


This brand is kid-friendly and eco-friendly. Removers are $7.99 with no acetone, non-toxic, and very low odor. Contains Aloe vera and vitamin E. This brand is perfect to use if you have kids that love to paint their nails. My two oldest kids have reached that age where they like their nails painted so having a safe and kid-friendly nail polish and polish remover is ideal so I don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals and smells harming them. You can find their products on Amazon as well.





Priti NYC


They have two different options. They have the 2oz organic lemongrass scent ($13) and the unscented 4oz ($22.50). This Earth-friendly product is soy based, highly nourishing, includes essential oils for their therapeutic properties, and are also 100% natural and biodegradable.









Their 3-in-1 Soy-Based Nail Color Remover with Pure Argan Oil offers a healthy alternative to acetone and acetate removers. The 100% natural plant-based remover is gluten free and made without Parabens or Phylates. Their bottles are $19 and their pack of 10 wipes is $9. Their products can be found on Amazon.







Which removers will you be trying? 



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