Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Luxurious Product Review

So I wanted to do this review on Giovanni’s 2chic Ultra-Luxurious Super Potion Silkening Hair Serum to give you an honest review on it. This is the first product I’ve tried of theirs so far so I can’t speak on how good their other products are until I try them. Lately, I haven’t been happy with my hair. A little history about my hair. I’ve dyed it in the past. The last 6 years, I’ve been dyeing it red. I’ve tried to take care of my hair the best I could but I did notice that my hair was getting dry and losing its shine to it. So I’ve quit dyeing my hair and I’m just going to let the red come out on its own. I’ve been searching for the best shampoo for my hair and right now I’m using Not Your Mother’s Naturals. It treats my hair good but it does nothing for my frizz and doesn’t keep my hair smooth very long.


Giovanni Product Review

So as I was shopping at Whole Foods, I took a look through the beauty aisle and noticed Giovanni’s hair products. Now I’ve heard great things about this brand but I had never seen them in any stores until Whole Foods, so I never bought their products till now. I purchased the cheapest one because I didn’t want to waste money in case their products didn’t work out for me. This product was $7.99. A little about the product. The 2chic Ultra-Luxurious Super Potion Silkening Hair Serum is supposed to tame frizz & flyaways, silken tresses with shine, protect from heat damage, and fight static. It is also recommended for all hair types.


The Smell of Silkening Hair Serum

The whole Ultra-Luxurious line is Cherry Blossom & Rose Petal scent. The smell is amazing if you were wondering! It doesn’t smell floral. I’ve definitely never smelled anything like it. The smell is strong but not too strong. You can definitely get a good smell of it when it’s in your hair. I can’t say it reminds me of anything in particular. Maybe if you smelled it you might be able to compare it to another scent.


Texture, Frizz, & Softness With Dry Hair

You can use this product with dry or wet hair. When I bought it, I immediately wanted to try it out so I put it through dry hair first. I noticed that it tamed my frizz to a point. The serum was slightly sticky and it almost made my hair look greasy on top of my head but after fully lathering it in and giving my hair a good brush, it didn’t look so greasy. My hair was soft though! It really provided my hair with that extra softness.


Results After Applying To Wet Hair

I wanted to see how it would work with wet hair so I applied it after brushing my hair and giving it a quick towel dry. I was instantly amazed at how it provided more softness and shine to my hair. Of course,  I had to wait for my hair to completely dry before I could see the results of if it tamed my frizz and kept my hair soft and shiny. Once it was dry, (I don’t blow dry my hair) I noticed barely any frizz, still soft and shiny, and still smelled so good! And no greasy look or feel to my hair!


Day 3 Without Washing Hair

It’s day 3 without washing my hair and as I’m writing this post, I’ve noticed that my hair is still soft, has a few flyaways and a little frizz but nothing I can complain about. The shine has faded and so has the smell. I actually noticed no static when changing into different shirts or brushing my hair these past three days. I haven’t added any more of this product to my hair since the day I washed my hair and applied this. You don’t need a whole lot but I guess it would depend on how long your hair is. I used a quarter size if not a slight bit more.
























Overall, I’m pretty happy with this product. I’m curious about their shampoo and conditioner in the Ultra-Luxurious line. I definitely want to try those out and my hopes are that they will make my hair look healthier. Have you tried any of the Giovanni products? Let me know how you like them and if you have tried this product, I want to know how this product has worked for you.

Also would like to add that Giovanni is Leaping Bunny certified and the majority of their products are vegan. The entire Ultra-Luxurious line is Vegan! This is not an ad or paid review. These are my own honest opinions!


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