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Cruelty-Free+Vegan Perfume Guide

Perfume is like an identity. We each have our own unique scent we prefer to wear and wearing that perfume tells a lot about who you are. For me personally, I like to wear fruity scents and the occasional flirty scent. I’m not all that flirty, to be honest, but I do like the smell. We all have our flirty moments!

The best type of perfume to wear is a cruelty-free perfume. No animal had to suffer for you to express yourself with your unique scent. I’ve created a list of affordable perfumes, more expensive perfumes, and perfumes made by small businesses for you to shop through. Also added some of my refer a friend links so that when you choose to shop through one of these brands, you can receive a discount through my link. This is not an affiliate link so I do not earn a commission. It’s just a good way for you to receive a discount! ♥ These links are only good to use once for your FIRST purchase!

Also, another awesome deal for you, if you sign up for BeFrugal or Ebates, you can find coupons and earn cash back when you shop on some of these brands websites through either one of these cash back sites. You can read more about these sites on my post Top 3 Best CashBack Sites To Use When Cruelty-Free Shopping!


Okay, let’s get to this list of brands that have cruelty-free+vegan perfume! Let me know which brands you like that you have already tried!



Affordable Cruelty-Free+Vegan Perfume





The Luxury Cruelty-Free+Vegan Perfume




Small Business & Indie Cruelty-Free+Vegan Perfumes

Let me know which of these you have tried! I know you can find a favorite scent or scents from one of these brands! 







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